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Our goal  is to provide you with quality  ACP solutions

Welcome to Euroclad Aluminium Composite Panels

We're a Proudly B-BBEE Level 1 ACP Supplier

We are a proudly B-BBEE Level 1 company specializing in supplying and distributing high-quality cladding solutions to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets across South Africa

Our mission is to provide cost-effective and high-quality Aluminium Composite Panels to fabricators and construction professionals

Our vision is to be the supplier of choice for all your Aluminium Composite Panel requirements


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Why Choose Us

The EUROCLAD team has a combined experience that spans over 30 years in the aluminum industry, along with a proven track record in supplying, manufacturing, and technical assistance on multiple large-scale projects across Southern Africa.

Cost - Effective cladding solution

Superior quality product that suits the client's budget

Special project orders

To cater for colours and sizes


Cladding products that are easily recyclable and friendly to the environment

Technical assistance

Provided for specification on projects

15 Year Project Warranty

Covered on projects on 1000 Sqm and more

Reputable team

Our team has a strong presence in the aluminium industry and a B - BBEE Level 1 supplier rating

Our ACP Attributes

Application for EUROCLAD ACP includes cladding of all types of interior and exterior façades and Corporate Identity Design such as signage, kiosks, etc





Fire Retardant core


Low Maintenance


Easy Installation


Aesthethic enhancement

Provinces serviced
years of experience
SQM per standard colour
Distribution centres